The Wizard is Back

It turns out, the wizard always returns. He dies and he resurrects. Nothing much can be done about it though, most wizards are like that. They love to make dramatic comebacks. They are so obsessed about comebacks that people often overlook that they were gone. Some of them have grown mature with time and are no longer fascinated about dramatic comebacks and letting others know that they have arrived. They rather make a comical entry through the half open windowpanes of the kitchen and step on the furry carpet only to find out it was the sleeping cat. Wizards can be catastrophic sometimes!

What happened to the past then? Asked the stray dog with its hind leg lifted in front of the old cedar tree at the neighborhood park. Shoo dog! Said the tree, don’t pee on me! Don’t you see I’m the wizard? We love to stay low key and hide from people, especially from stray dogs with exceptional bladders. Shoo! “But what happened to the past?” Asked the dog again, sniffing around the cedar tree cautiously. The past, my boy, is never real. It’s long gone and all that is left is me and my wand from the Ollivanders in Diagon Alley. Now, you can close your mouth, stop balancing on three legs and go sniff that chestnut tree over there. I would rather appreciate some solitude at this time. Perhaps later we can rendezvous? Wizards can be dogmatic sometimes!

“Excuse me, Sir would you happen to have these ingredients in your store?” Asked the wizard. The grouchy little man looked over his glasses to the cedar tree in front and started reading the ingredients. “A mandrake root, bubblegum, dragon nails, poison ivy, octopus powder, moondew, syrup of Hellebore… ah so you’re a wizard! Come on in and join us for a drink, you look like someone who’s making a comeback!” The grouchy man had a strange smile on his face and led the old cedar through a shabby lane to a broken-down old pub. “Look here boys; we have another comeback story today!” The cedar was introduced to a dingy room full of weird but friendly people. It’s an ideal spot to catch up with the latest wizarding gossips in town in case you live a long way or making a comeback. “Hey Joe, why don’t you tell us your comeback story?” Asked the storekeeper. “After all, there’s nothing like a butterbeer and a comeback story while it’s raining whales and dragons! Put your money away, gentleman, this round is on the house.” The announcement was followed by a long round of cheers and cries of excitement. Toasts were raised again and again, congratulations were passed. You see, wizards can be unbearable sometimes!

The Wizard is Back

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